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Your Beauty Facial Care

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Neck and Decollete Renewing Care maintains the tone and elasticity in your neck and decollete. The light emulsion contains sweet almond oil and marine anti-melanin complex, among other things, that work to prevent dark spots and wrinkled skin. Available at leading spas, salons and departmental store.

SKIN DOCTORSkin Doctors’ Photo Age Reverse

Premature Aging of delicate facial skin due to sun exposure can lead to dark spots, dullness and loss of skin elasticity. To combat these effects, try up Skin Doctors’ Photo Age Reverse. It contains Venuceana, which mimics anti-free radical enzymes found naturally in skin. Available at pharmacy and departmental store. Read the rest of this entry »

Immunity & Energy Drink

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Fighting with flu hug by boosting your immune system with regular, moderate exercise — it not only strengthens your cardiovascular system and tones your muscles, but also improves your mood and reduces stress. You can also try taking supplements like Redoxon Vita Immune effervescent tablets, which protect your skin, immune cells and antibodies. Available in packs of 15 tablets and 30 tablets at leading pharmacies and personal care stores.


Healthy Kickstart of a day with a Berocca Performance tablet drink, now available in two flavours, tropical and citrus. It contains vitamin B complex to help you with nutrient absorption, and vitamin C, magnesium and zinc to boost your immunity. Available at leading pharmacies, personal care stores and supermarkets.

Choya Non Sugar & Natural Umeshu

choyaLevel up your body energy a boost with Choya Non Sugar & Natural Umeshu. Made with Nanko ume from Wakayama prefecture in Japan, this light fruit liqueur is perfect for the calorie- conscious as its sweetened with clover honey, which contains fewer calories than sugar. Available at major supermarkets and pharmacy.

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