Dating Scene in the US

America is a huge country with a massive population of different people from all over the world. Therefore, dating in the United States can take on a variety of forms. In general, people in the East are city-folk, people in the South are very open and friendly, people in the West are healthy and like the outdoors, while people in the Middle and North are what we consider to be ‘normal America’.

That being said, dating in the United States is, by comparison, an open and flexible thing. There are not a lot of clear rules.

For example, men usually pay for the dates, but it is not uncommon for a woman to split the bill (called ‘going Dutch’) or even paying for her own drinks. But the most important thing to remember is that dating is casual and non-committal. Americans make and break relationships easily and without much thought. Instead of approaching a person formally, try just being friendly.

If things go well, don’t ask them for a date, suggest that you meet ‘sometime’ and do ‘something’. It’s strange, but Americans like the flexibility of speaking in general terms. It makes it easier to reject the offer without hurting someone’s feelings. I realize this makes dating in the United States difficult, but you can easily use it to your advantage. Remember, flexibility and a non-aggressive approach works best when dating in the United States.