Designing your own massage spa

Designing a massage spa

The massage and body treatment industry is an extremely lucrative one, and is only growing in value during the years to come. As of 2010, massage treatments made up 78 percent of all spa service revenues. People in the United States visit 143 million spas and body treatment centers each year, making it a popular destination, even during economic crisis. If you want to go into business for yourself and enjoy long lasting success, then it is important for you to design a massage spa that people will flock to. Read the rest of this article to find out exactly how you can do this.

Before you start designing your massage spa, you need to pick the perfect location for your new business. Some things to consider include the neighborhood and its clientele that you will be catering to. A strip mall is a good place to open a massage spa because the rent is affordable and there is a lot of foot traffic. Before you sign a lease, bring a contractor in to inspect the facility. Make sure that it does not have any electrical or plumbing problems and that it does not require any additional renovations. You should also decide what types of massages and body treatments you would like to offer before you start setting up your business. If you want to offer wet body treatments, such as body masks or exfoliations, you will need a wet room which requires special plumbing.

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