Making the ideal massage room in your own home

Your home is your little slice of heaven. It is the place you go to escape from the world and to feel safe and secure. Between the day to day stresses of your job, social and family life and other duties, you can accumulate a lot of stress that can take a negative toll on your body in different ways. You can either experience muscle pains in your neck, shoulders or back, poor sleeping habits and also migraines. Since your home is supposed to be the place you feel most relaxed, make it work double time and allow it to help reduce your stress by adding a massage room to your home.

Regardless if you are a professional massage therapist who wants to offer your services to clients at home or someone who just wants to experience some calm and relaxation, a massage room makes an ideal addition to any home.

Your Beauty Tools

Your Beauty Tools

If being hair-free is important to you, then check out our feature on epilators, the tests we did and find out what the verdict is.

Epilators are like 'electric' or powered tweezers - so they do hurt, at least in the beginning. If you think that's something you can live with, in exchange for smoother skin, then it's worth to have a look.

We tested 3 models (there are countless other options available in the market - but those 3 are the ones we could get our hands on) and summarized our findings.

Combining quality and convenience

Therabath Professional

Own a spa or salon? This post is for you!

Here we feature one company, a tried-and-true brand, with a solid reputation of being an industry leader.

The title says it all - it's a product that combines convenience and ease of use with quality, something you rarely find these days.

Oh no.. I'm losing my hair!

If you've started noticing more hair falling out, thinning hair, or bald spots, then you're probably shrieking out and wondering what to do! Fear not, as we've compiled a summary from reputable agencies and associations.

This post discusses the common causes of why women lose hair (with men, it's something that's expected as they age) and what you can do about it.